Get receivers#

This endpoint is used to get all or filtered integrated receiver entities.

Endpoint steps#

  1. Get a token from your credentials by calling the endpoint Account/getToken;

  2. Get all integrated destinations calling the endpoint CompanyConnections/destinations or filtred integrated destinations by CompanyConnections/destinations/{searchValue};

Response structure from server#

When a request is well formed and the authentication data is correct the system responds with a message envelope as follows:

	"CorrelationId": "<GUID>", /* for correlation purposes */
	"IsValid": true,           /* false in case of erros */
	"Errors": [],              /* if empty is a good signal */
	"Data": "<Service Response Data>"   /* the data retuned ex: token, invoice status, dependent on the endpoint called */

Endpoint Server Base URL#

# SANDBOX - Test Environment
server_base_adress = ""

# Saphety Invoice Network - Production Environment
#server_base_adress = ""

1. Get a token (Account/getToken)#

Get a token from your account credentials using endpoint api/Account/getToken
Check here how to obtain an authentication token.

2. Get receivers (CompanyConnections/destinations OR CompanyConnections/destinations/{searchValue})#

* Note: Here we will use the endpoint CompanyConnections/destinations/{searchValue} to get just one integrated company, searching for the company name. But you can use the endpoint CompanyConnections/destinations to get all integrated companies!

2.1 Request structure#

In the endpoint url you have the option to supply the searchValue


  • Description: The vat number or the name of the company

  • Required: No

  • Type: string

  • Example: “Company name”

2.2 Request example#

searchValue = "TRUSTED"

# SIN endpoint url for retrieving inforfation on invoice previously sent
service_url = "https://" + server_base_adress + "/api/CompanyConnections/destinations/" + searchValue
print (service_url)

2.3 Call the endpoint to get the integrated destination#

Get the integrated destination companies, filtering with a search value using the endpoint /api/CompanyConnections/destinations/{searchValue}

headers = {
    'Authorization': 'bearer ' + token
response = requests.request("GET", service_url, headers=headers)

# formating the response to json for visualization purposes only
json_response = json.loads(response.text)
print(json.dumps(json_response["Data"], indent=4))
        "IntlVatCode": "PT507957547",
        "CompanyName": "SAPHETY LEVEL - TRUSTED SERVICES, S.A.",
        "AddressLine": "Rua do Viriato, N\u00ba13 - 3\u00baPISO",
        "City": "LISBOA",
        "ZipCode": "1050-233",
        "ZipArea": "LISBOA",
        "CountryCode": "PT",
        "CommercialRecordWebCode": "",
        "TenantCode": null,
        "LanguageCode": "pt",
        "Status": "Active",
        "IsPartner": false,
        "CreationDate": "2010-09-29 15:25"